Movie for a Rainy Day: The Collector

Allan Stone was a giant in the art world, and had one of the most diverse and consuming collections of the 20th-century. He discovered and launched the careers of some of Modern Art’s greatest: Willem de Kooning, John Chamberlain, Wayne Thiebaud, to name a few.

After Stone’s death in 2006, his daughter, Olympia, released The Collector, a documentary of personal moments and stories in his life. He talks about his love (obsession, really) with collecting, and Olympia showcases some pretty stunning shots of his mansion in Purchase, NY, filled to the brim with artworks and antiques.

While no two collectors are exactly alike, they all share the same bond: the unrelenting pursuit of beauty. Whether you collect cabinet cards or teeth, each object is somehow beautiful and special. Each inspires curiousity. That is the wonder of collecting, to me. It is not about having *things*, but about filling your world with objects that inspire and excite you.

I highly recommend renting The Collector to share in the wonder that was Stone’s life and collection.

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