About Walnutts

The Walnutts Antiques family has over 33 years experience in the dynamic world of antiques and collectibles. We strive to curate a diverse offering of eclectic and rare items that speak to varied tastes and interests. We are all about the learning: each piece is thoroughly researched before it is offered up for auction. Twelve years ago, we made the move to take our items to auction at eBay and have not looked back, since! Walnutts.com is a site where we post important resources and information about past items in order to one day amass an aggregate site of Antiques History and Information.

Walnutts Players

Tom: One half of the husband-and-wife duo that runs Walnutts, Tom is the “creator” of most of the auction listings that regular buyers have come to recognize and enjoy. He spends the majority of each day in the efficiently designed and professionally remodeled work space of their home (affectionately referred to as “the Hole”) cranking out the Walnutts eBay listings, researching items, and poring over auction catalogs. Tom graduated from Harvard University, worked as a sound engineer for the Walnut Band, and has attended Opening Day at Fenway Park every year since 1978. Coincidentally, 1978 was the same year he began his career in antiques, as his future wife, Marcia, was working for a dealer in Brookline, MA. He’s come to look at each auction as a treasure hunt; each piece is a new discovery that others have errantly overlooked. When not running Walnutts (which is, well, never), Tom enjoys traveling to the Caribbean, spending time with his family and the “doggie boys” (a Newfoundland named Lucas and his Bassett Hound brother Augie), and following his beloved Boston Red Sox.

Michelle: A long time fixture of the Walnutts team, Michelle is the daughter of Marcia and Tom. For years she has helped out with the “Family Business”, doing everything from photography and description, to auction house pick-ups and even cleaning and organizing the stash of antiques that always seem to be piling up! With a degree in Interior Design, and a love for not only antiques but graphics as well, she has most recently jumped in to help run the Walnutts.com site. She looks forward to delving into this new area of work, and foresees many more years of working for the family business.

About Our Auctions

We are committed to running “true auction” format listings on the eBay site. Each Friday evening we list 30 to 50 unique and interesting Antique and Collectable items for sale. Each item (regardless of the actual value) has a starting price of $9.00. Every item is sold without reserve. Our auctions run for 10 days ending on Monday evenings between the hours of 7:15 and 10:00 Eastern Time. We work very hard to bring to eBay a varied selection of high quality, unusual and highly desirable lots obtained from estates and reputable estate auction houses. We are proud of the fact that 200-300 regular bidders follow our auctions on eBay – check out our list every week and buy from us on a regular basis. We guarantee that if you keep an eye on our listings you will find some of the most interesting items being offered on eBay.

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