Walnutts on Facebook: Do Antiques Have A Place in Social Media?

Walnutts Antiques is now on Facebook! Join the conversation!

When I was creating the Walnutts Facebook page, I was struck by the dichotomy of having a business rooted deeply in the past, and combining it with a technology that is consistently reliant on the future.

And I wondered: What is the place of antiques in social media?

Antiques tell stories of people’s lives. They give us clues into the daily goings-on of someone who lived 100 years before our time. They provide unique insight into historical moments, and give us a sense that there is something larger than just our time. With Facebook, one can argue there is a similar effect; it has the potential to communicate a story to a wider audience, to share similar stories, to exchange ideas. Antiques have a place on Facebook just like any other entity: they are reminders of our historical foundations and how that has contributed to our development, today. I hope our readers will join us on our Facebook page and ask all those questions that have been burning in their minds about antiques and collecting! See you there!

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