Walnutts FAQ’s: Selling Consignment Items


Walnutts FAQ’s is a series of common questions… and their answers.

Q. Listen. I found this really great item in my barn/attic/great grandmother’s tea cozy. Will you sell it for me? We can split the winnings!

A. Thanks for thinking of us regarding the sale of your items. Unfortunately, we made the decision many years ago that we would only sell items that we own ourselves at our weekly eBay auctions. We have a LARGE backlog of items that we simply do not have the time to list and it just did not seem smart to list consignment items (for which we would get 20%-30% of the final value) rather than items of our own (for which we get 100% of the final value).

Another issue we discussed back then was the fact that we start all of our items at $9.00 and sell with no reserves. It is one thing to lose money on something we own ourselves – is is a whole different story to do that for a consignor!!

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